Engineering Engagement

Versatility's QStep Process assures that our tooling design, fabrication specialists and manufacturing engineers talk to and work with your manufacturing and purchasing departments.

VTW’s Engineers Collaborate with Customer’s Engineers
  1. Review part, component or assembly for design, functionality.
  2. Review material selection and property requirements.
  3. Determine optimal design, fabrication process and tooling requirements.
  4. Define design constraints and manufacturing cost drivers.
  5. Recommend propose design changes to eliminate cost and not sacrifice part performance.
Tooling Expert | Versatility Tool Works
Qstep Engineering Engagement
  1. Decreased Implementation Time
  2. Minimized Manufacturing Costs
  3. Improved Product Performance

For more information on each step of the QStep Process and why Versatility Tool Works is the ideal metal fabricator for your manufacturing requirements, see each step below:

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