Engineering Assistance

Versatility's fabrication engineering group collaborates closely with customers, ensuring that new products achieve the optimal design for the lowest manufacturing cost possible.

Function, Endurance, and Manufacturability

VTW’s experienced engineering staff works with the customer to create the best product, component or assembly possible. Whether this means designing something from scratch, providing feedback for a potential prototype, re-engineering an existing product, or even something simple like selecting a material, we can help. We provide the customer with the functionality, endurance and manufacturability they are looking for. Today’s fabrication technology, along with innovations in manufacturing processes continue to streamline our custom design work. VTW can integrate more secondary options into one continuous automated manufacturing process, thereby saving time, labor, and cutting costs that are passed onto customers.

VTW's Qstep®  Process ensures engineering engagement on every project. READ MORE.

From Part Design to Re-engineering to Tooling and Fixture Development, VTW engineers can assist in saving you time and labor.

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Precision Manufacturing | Versatility Tool WorksTesting and researching parts and product functionality

Quality Testing and Inspection  | Versatility Tool WorksImproving precision, quality and saving you time

VTW Partners with Customers, Vendors,
and Academia.

Engineering personnel uses Qstep®, our manufacturing customer engagement process, to drive a project's success by positively impacting quality, cost, and delivery. Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing strives to be a true business partner by offering a spectrum of value-added services including tooling, design, engineering, state of the art manufacturing, and inventory fulfillment. Our engineering and design group helps you find innovative solutions, keeping to your timeline and improving product manufacturability and quality.

VTW Partners with Vendors to improve quality, function, longevity and component and assembly costs.

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